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Success in Canada for an Immigrant – Top 7 Tips & steps

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“You’re Hired!” Those may be some of the best words you hear when you come to Canada – especially if it’s a job you really want, but you will get the chance to hair it after a long struggle in Canada.

 It’s your job to understand what it is, so you can fit in and be successful here.

This is not just for immigrants – Canadians also have to figure out the company culture when they change jobs or career. But immigrants have an extra step and struggles to take in learning out how to work in Canada and how to work in their new company. When an immigrant comes in Canada, he/she must go through many Difficult and painful steps.

Now I am sharing some tips for immigrants on how to work and survive successfully in Canada. 

  1. “Do and don’t”  in Canada.

Its your job to figure out what to do or what not to do here in Canada, because Canadian culture and society is different from others in many cases. “The working conditions in Canada may be different from what you are normally used to, so you have to adapt yourself. For example, in Asia, when the boss speaks, everyone follow it. Here, everyone speaks equally.”

“Tom Pham” a 15 years boy from Vietnam came to Canada who doesn’t know a single word in English now he became an iconic figure for many helpless immigrants, he became a motivational person for many people, and he wrote his whole story in his book Pursuit of success in a foreign land

  1. You must find out the company & that corporate culture.

In interview, you might have observed how people dressed and acted naturally.

Were they dressed in business suits, or were people dressed casually?

Does the atmosphere seem structured, or more relaxed?

Each company has its own rules, terms and conditions, processes and procedures. Its your job to figure it out for your better career in Canada.


  1. Understand your company’s goals and objectives:

After getting learn your company’s goals and objectives, because all Owners want to be succeed by proper workforce of the employees.

“Learn what your manager or company wants from you,” said by Tom Pham in his book

  1. Learn business communication:

In some Easter European cultures, communication is very direct. They may write emails such as “Send me the documents by 9 am.”

They can appear very rude and offensive to Canadians without realizing it. In other cultures, such as South East Asian, people may not tell exactly what they mean, in order to save face, sometimes they use symbolic language also– but Canadians won’t understand or try to understand what they are trying to say.

Canadians tend of using words and phrases that make it easier to work together, such as “How can we resolve this issue?”

  1. Learn the professional behavior of Canada.

Its your job to Observe how the people above you dress and act in your company, and model yourself after them. Canadians are very time oriented, so be sure you always arrive a few minutes earlier, and never make anyone wait for you. Always do what you say you will do.

  1. Don’t make gender discrimination, Treat men and women equally in Canada.

“Always treat women and men equally, with respect and courtesy,” says tom in his book in details. It is treated as a social crime to make discrimination between men and women

  1. Be patient, motivated & Don’t give up:

Tom Pham said “When I just came to the country, I spoke no word of English. I was depressed, disappointed. After my high school graduation, I came back to my home country for summer vacation.

I still had to pass the English proficiency test to be qualified into my University major. I spent half of my summer vacation studying for that test, but I failed the test 4 times.

My parents were hopeless, they expected that I must have passed the test easily after studying in an English speaking country for 3 years.

After I failed the English proficiency test, my parents did not allow me to come back to Canada to continue my education. I did not study well.

The night I failed that test made me even more depressed, more disappointed about myself. Then, I found a way to make my parents proud. I overcame the lowest moments of my life.

I finally figured out who I am”    Read tom’s story of success here…. thanks 

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